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I want to share with you the story that motivated the production of the first "Intríngulis"

When I was young, I found myself in the midst of a turbulent time in my country, Argentina, during the years 1975 to 1980.

We lived under a military government that fiercely repressed any form of expression that challenged its authority.

I vividly remember the day they took away a classmate named Laura. She was accused of having texts by thinkers like Trotsky or Marx among her school supplies, and when I went to see her, I found her family's home and business reduced to ashes. This event deeply marked me and made me reflect on the absurdity of intolerance and violence, especially generated by the repression of ideas.
My response was to find a way to express that, and expose the absurdity of the situation. I began creating visual images on paper, simple in appearance and abstract in content, like an enigma to unravel. These images, which I later called "Intríngulis", were tangles of lines representing the complexity and uncertainty of life in general.

I decided to distribute them by handing them out on the street in front of the school, as if I were distributing political pamphlets. They had no signature or annotation; they were abstract messages intended to provoke reflection on the innocence of communication on paper. My intention was to challenge unjustified violence and demonstrate the innocence of a simple piece of paper with a message, regardless of the ideology it might express. I wanted to communicate that there was no justification for such violence over a pamphlet. Unfortunately, Laura, like many others, no matter of their affiliation, was a victim of this violence.

Years later, the "Intríngulis" continue to be for me a reminder of the importance of language and communication in society. I have returned to distribute them in different cities and countries with very different circumstances and conflicts. I consider these works the first steps of my artistic career that led to the development of the Nocion Research Project. This project , a search for other modes of understanding, criticizing the uselessness of determinism and the error or failure of the subject-object / figure-ground relationship in existential understanding.

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