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Eduardo Capilla


Born in Puerto Belgrano, Argentina. 1960.

Currently lives and works between Miami Fl. Savannah, GA. and New York NY.

Eduardo Capilla's work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums, as well as in public places around the world from 1977 to the present. In parallel with his works of art, he has been awarded worldwide for his work as a film director in music videos, short films and feature films, and as an art director.

Multidisciplinary artist whose work has developed a unique and explosive vision. At the beginning of his career he adopted color as an essential component of his work. First with monochromatic pieces he explored the power of sensation. He discarded the expressive resources of chiaroscuro and halftones to approach a conceptual conception of painting anchored in space, from the Euclidean to the phenomenal. His ideas arise from the artist's intellectual and sensitive interest in the specificity of visual language. This not only led him to discard figurative approaches and focus on abstraction as an appropriate grammar for this research, but also introduced him to the world of volume, relief and medium, that is, installation and performance. “Noción” has become a nomadic life project where all their interests merge. Delving into formal aspects, the result tends to emphasize the relationship between the piece and its immediate context, which has taken his work from indoor exhibitions to outdoor exhibitions. With this, Capilla manages to transform these private and formal concerns into a public and collective experience, sometimes outside of artistic preconceptions.



2023 - Art Space 305- CO. (Miami, US)

2021 - Public Installation 12 Avenue (Miami , US)

2019 - Pinturas, Galería: Cros & Mastrapa, PINTA, Art Basel Week (Miami, US)

2018 - Equilibrio, AreaTec, Fundacion Cassara, (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2018 - Paisaje Fenomenal, Sala Temporal, Museo de Arte Emilio Pettoruti (La Plata, Arg.)

2018 - Galería : Kiosko (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

2017 - Pinturas, Galería: Matilde Bensignor, Context, Basel Week, (Miami, US)

2017 - Pinturas,  Dot Fiftyone Gallery (Miami, US)

2017 - "Intringulis",  Dot Fiftyone Gallery (Miami, US)

2016 - Pinturas, Galería: Matilde Bensignor, Context, Basel Week, (Miami, US)

2015 - "Trans Visual Express", Dot Fiftyone Gallery (Miami, US)

2014 - Pinturas, Dot Fiftyone Gallery (Miami, US)

2012 - Pinturas, Galería: Matilde Bensignor, (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2011 - "Estado", Galería Braga Menendez Arte Contemporaneo (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2011 - Ego x Geo, Museo Sívori, (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2011 - Ego x Geo, Galería: Popa , (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2011 - Ego x Geo, Galería Dot Fiftyone Gallery (Miami, US)

2010 - Ego x Geo, Centro Cultural General San Martín, (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2010 - Pinturas, Galería: María Casado, (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2009 - Pinturas, Sala Pettoruti, Teatro Argentino (La Plata, Arg.)

2009 - Pinturas, Sala J,  Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2008 - Pinturas, Museo Juan C. Castagnino, (Mar del Plata, Arg.)

2006 - Pinturas Galería: Braga Menendez Arte Contemporaneo (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2005 - Ego x Geo, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2000 - Instalación  “+ bien” (texto +bien) 32 gigantografías (Meca), 4.20m x 2.50m. 5000 refractarios adhesivos, 12cm x 2.5cm (Prodaltec). 24 pinturas murales,6m de ancho x 2m de alto. 10 instalaciones con flores de jacarandá sobre césped, plaza San Martín , Barrancas de Belgrano y parques de Palermo, (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

2000 - Presentación en salas, + Bien, largometraje (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

1998 - "Ser Buenísimo ", Sala 6 ,Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

1995 - Soportes Nocion - Plaza San Martin (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

1994 - Soportes Noción - Parque de Palermo (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

1988 - Diseños Noción, instalación, Central Park (New York City, US)

1987 - Instalacion, 200 "Cuadrados Azules" (Caracas y Buenos Aires)

1986 - "Cuadrados Ablandados", Instalación (Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Arg.)

1985 - Soportes Noción, Instalación, Parque "Libres del Sur" (Chascomús, Arg.)

1984 - Noción, Galleria: "La Pequeña Galería" y local anexo (Mar del Plata, Arg.)

1983 - Galería "Adriana Indik" (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

1982 - Del Giudice/Capilla, Galería: "Galería del Mar" (Mar del Plata, Arg.)

1981 - Pinturas, Salas de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo Juan C. Castagnino (Mar del Plata, Arg.)

1980 - Pinturas # 47, Cinter Sala de exposiciones (Santa Fe, Arg.)

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